UKEMS has a long history with the City of Sheffield, always based within the city and with provision to the local area and its patients.

At UKEMS we hold our staff at the centre of our focus.  Not to have patients as the centre may seem somewhat incongruous, however we believe that by looking after staff we set the foundation right, this allows the ultimate goal of patient care to naturally follow.

Through nurture and training we set the standards with our staff to enable them to manage patients with care, dignity and respect.  The patient facing staff are backed up by an experienced management team, with many years of experience in healthcare in their various professions and within independent ambulance service provision in particular.

There is no substitute for experienced individuals who are experts in their field being available to talk to and assist with problem solving and managing the ‘out of the ordinary’.

We continually strive to be better and we will do all we can to achieve quality and excellent care. Target – Do the basics well, the rest will follow, we will;

  • Employ the right people, train them, empower them and cherish them.
  • Look after patients, treat them with compassion and respect and see the world from their view, talk to them, ensure they get in safely, check the heating, make a cup of tea where it is appropriate.
  • Use the right vehicles and equipment, instil in your staff the will to look after them. Service and maintain them, be proactive.
  • Treat customers like customers, we want to do that work, how do we get the outcome right? By doing all we can but doing so safely and with care.

UKEMS enjoys being an ambulance service; we hope you can see this in our approach and our work. We employ staff who mirror this attitude. UKEMS – simply care, universally.

Please click the below link to read our latest CQC inspection report: